BINGHAMTON, NY – After 15 long months, the disastrous Chenango Street underpass in Binghamton has finally reopened.

The underpass has been closed since September of last year after the DOT discovered that the precast concrete arch, which it designed, was sinking into the ground.

The arch was installed by Lancaster Development and Tully Construction as part of the 288 million dollar Prospect Mountain project that began in 2011 and was completed in 2020.

The DOT originally predicted that repairs would take 3 months, but a number of strategies to shore up the precast concrete arch failed.

In the end, contractors had to pour a new arch within the existing arch in order to stabilize it.

Going back to June of last year, DOT has refused to admit that its engineers designed the underpass.

However, it recently acknowledged that it produced the specifications that were used by their consultant and product manufacturers for the project.

An official with Lancaster says it performed the work 100% to the specifications of the DOT design.

Neighboring businesses tell NewsChannel 34 that they are eager for the community to know that they are no longer severed from the remainder of the city and that their 15 month ordeal has ended.