ITHACA, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – As the Cayuga Nature Center Lodge reopens its doors, visitors can enjoy a myriad of exhibits and seasonal programming:

Cayuga Lake Aquarium – Dive into the depths of Cayuga Lake as you witness the NY aquatic life showcased within the aquarium. Explore a diverse range of underwater habitats and encounter an array of fish species native to the region.

Indoor Animal Room – Step inside and meet the charismatic residents of the Indoor Animal exhibit. From slithering reptiles to scurrying small mammals, this exhibit offers an up-close encounter with captivating creatures. Learn about their unique adaptations, behaviors, and the importance of conserving their natural environments.

Climate Exhibit – Gain a deeper understanding of the Earth’s climate systems and explore the impacts of climate change. Engage with interactive displays, examine real-time data, and discover the crucial role each individual plays in shaping our planet’s future.

Early Learner Room – Ignite curiosity and foster a love for nature in young minds with the Early Learner Room. Designed specifically for our youngest visitors, this interactive space offers hands-on activities, storytelling, and imaginative play, creating a nurturing environment for early childhood development and nature-based learning.

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