PORT DICKINSON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A Room to Heal did its newest room makeover for a high schooler battling cancer and a leg amputation.

16-Year-old Chenango Valley student, Damon Goga was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in his left tibia in 2017.

A Room to Heal is an organization that redoes rooms for young kids with serious medical conditions.

Goga first received a room makeover in 2018, but now that his older brother has moved out, A Room to Heal thought it was time for an update.

He now has a full-size bed for the first time, and a new rug, but says he was most excited to see an Xbox and mini fridge.

Damon Goga says, “You’re just trying to take it all in and see everything that they put in. And I’m just really happy about everything. Last time I was a lot younger, so, a lot of the stuff was more childlike, so now, my room is a lot more mature and more stuff that I would use now.”

Even with a partial leg amputation, Goga plays first base for Chenango Valley’s baseball team and goalkeeper for the soccer team.

Since A Room to Heal started in 2006, it has completed more than 125 rooms.

Enjoy the makeover Damon!