VESTAL, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Greenlight Networks is the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce’s business of the week.

Greenlight Networks is a fiber optic provider based out of Rochester and last May, the fiber optic provider cut the ribbon on its new office space in Vestal.

Fiber Optic is a high-speed internet option that is a hard-wired connection, not wireless.

Currently, Greenlight is servicing fiber optic to Downtown Binghamton, Endicott, Endwell, and Johnson City.

The marketing coordinator, Livia Gumble says that more people are using the internet than ever before.

Greenlight Binghamton’s Marketing Coordinator, Livia Gumble says, “If you’re a typical family of four or five, you could have a couple of kids working from home for school, if they’re sick or not feeling well, plus mom or dad is also working from home. That’s our biggest selling point is that you will have reliability when you are working from home.”

Gumble says Greenlight plans to expand its service into the Chenango Bridge area, plus the West and South sides of Binghamton.

Including Rochester, Greenlight is providing fiber optic to over 120,000 homes.

She says that installation usually takes under an hour and hooks up to the same utility lines that are used for cable.

For pricing and information about speeds, visit their website