(WIVT/WBGH) – CSL Plasma has been recognized by the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce as the Business of the Week.

The center opened off of Hooper Road in July of 2019.

At the center, people can donate plasma and make some money while doing so.

The Center Manager, Barbara Ferrese says that upon opening, the center was only seeing two-hundred donors a week, compared to now, she says they see well over a thousand. She says the biggest factor in the center’s growth can be attributed to referrals and being involved in the community.

Center Manager at CSL Plasma Barbara Ferrese says, “There is a large need for plasma donations, and we use the plasma donations to make medications that treat people with serious and rare diseases. We always have a need for donors.”

Donors can receive up to one thousand dollars, however qualified donors vary based upon location and weight.

If you visit CSL Plasma’s website, you can find a coupon and earn an extra ten dollars for your first donation.

You can find the website at https://www.cslplasma.com/, and then type in your zip code.