Brindisi supports CASH ACT which would give $2000 in assistance instead of $600

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NEW YORK – Some New York representatives are expressing support for the plan that will increase assistance payments in Congress’s recently passed stimulus package.

District 22 Congressman Anthony Brindisi has shown his support for the CASH Act, which could elevate payments from 600 to 2 thousand dollars.

The CASH act has received support from the House of Representatives, which is now pushing the Senate to pass the bill.

The measure has received support from both the House, and President Trump, who says the 600 dollars originally agreed upon is not enough.
Brindisi says it is refreshing for Trump to be on the same side as Democrats.

“The president has already indicated that he supports it. You have Democrats and Republicans in the House who have supported it. Now, the only roadblock to Americans getting a 2 thousand dollar direct assistance payment is Mitch McConnell and Republican leadership in the Senate. Hopefully they will take the advice of the president, and follow the leadership of the House, and pass this quickly so people who are struggling can get some relief.”

The future of the bill remains in limbo as Republican Senate leadership has called the bill ‘unrealistic’, while Democratic senators have said they will hold Congress over its New Year break to pass the bill.

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