BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – It’s changeover season for many local apartment complexes that cater to college students, and the rush is on to get rooms ready for the next wave.

Yesterday, 187 students moved out of the University Lofts building in downtown Binghamton, and just as many will be moving in two weeks from now.

KOmanage is a management firm that organizes cleaning and painting projects across several off-campus housing units for Binghamton University students.

Owner Brock Cvijanovich says that his crew turns over more than 2,000 rooms over the summer.

He says the city’s population explodes in a matter of weeks.

Owner of KOmanage LLC, Brock Cvijanovich says, “A lot of the money that’s getting spent here, is coming from out of the BInghamton area. People from Long Island, Westchester, the city, everywhere else in New York and beyond. You have to make sure they have a home here. A home that they’re happy to live in. The standard for someone coming from the city or Westchester or the other areas I mentioned, is high. To meet that, you have to do a really good job.”

Cvijanovich says that to make it possible, his crews are working 12-to-15-hour day shifts, plus an overnight team.

The rooms get a paint job, and a deep clean from crews such as Skyline Elite Contractors, before they get checked and approved for move in.