BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – One student from each of the 7 Binghamton elementary schools was honored at yesterday’s noon rotary club meeting.

A fifth grader was selected from each of Binghamton Central School District’s elementary schools to be honored as the student of the year.

The students were joined at Rotary by friends, family, and their teachers.

The students weren’t selected based solely on academic performance, but rather personal growth, leadership, talents, and their contribution to their school and community.

One of the recipients, Dominick Buemi from Woodrow Wilson says it feels really good to be recognized.

Buemi says, “I tried hard to get here. I did good on like every single test, and like homework assignments. I never got grounded once actually.”

At the start of the recognition ceremony, members of the club asked the students if they had ever heard of Rotary, to which, one student said they had heard of a rotary phone.

The students got a free lunch provided by the Rotary and were given an award certificate and small gifts from local business leaders and club members.