BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A BU professor, who is spearheading local climate change response, presented his ideas and discoveries to Binghamton Rotarians.

Andreas Pape is an associate professor of economics at Binghamton University and the Director of Binghamton Two Degrees.

Two Degrees is a climate change initiative to highlight what Greater Binghamton will look like if temperatures increase by two degrees Celsius, and what we can do to prepare.

Pape says that at the current pace of emissions, Binghamton could be two degrees warmer by 2040.

Director of Binghamton Two Degrees, Andreas Pape says, “I like to think about preparing for climate change like you would prepare for anything else in your life. You want to think about how you’re going to plan for retirement, how you’re going to plan for your career. It’s better to envision this future and then think about how we plan for it now. There are significant things that are Binghamton specific.”

He says Binghamton will experience far more frequent and devastating floods, extreme weather conditions, and situations similar to this summer’s smoky skies caused by Canadian wildfires.

Binghamton Two Degrees hosts monthly events on different topics such as food and public health.

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