BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Activists gathered and protested outside of Congressman Marc Molinaro’s office at the Metrocenter to express their concerns about defunding Social Security and Medicare.

The protest was organized by Indivisible Binghamton.

The Co-lead of the group, Lori Wahila says that Molinaro and other Republicans in Congress have alluded to raising the age requirement to collect Social Security from 65 to 70.

She says that it would affect both Democrats and Republicans, and that many of Molinaro’s constituents are elderly and would be affected.

Wahila urges Molinaro and Republicans to vote for the passage of the debt ceiling, rather than holding Social Security and Medicare hostage.

Co-Lead of Indivisible Binghamton, Lori Wahila says, “Right now, anyone earning this year, over $160,200, after that point of gross wages, they don’t have to pay into Social Security or Medicare. Just raise that ceiling, raise that ceiling and make the people who have our high-income earners, pay more. So, we feel like they should be taxing the rich.”

Following the protest, Indivisible Binghamton delivered a letter to Molinaro’s office, that denounces the defunding of Social Security and Medicare.

Molinaro’s Office would not comment on the protest, but Molinaro says that cuts to Social Security and Medicare are not on the table.