(WIVT/WBGH) – A Binghamton native is helping others live their best life after experiencing loss.

Susan Warner recently published her memoir “Never Say Never, Never Say Always.”

The book details her journey through grief, recovery, and moving forward. Warner lost her son to suicide in 2017 and just six months later, her husband passed away from cancer.

Though the memoir is about grief, Warner says the story is very uplifting. Throughout the book, she offers readers advice on growth and self-actualization in an effort to help them find their voice.

Warner says life can be interesting, challenging, and fun; you just have to embrace it.

“We have all experienced loss, and that loss has made us bigger, and better, and greater people because we’ve taken the best of what we can from those people, and they’ve made us who we are. It’s almost like a puzzle, our whole being is like a puzzle, and you just have to fit the pieces in right. But you never throw the pieces of the puzzle out. You keep them in their spot, and I think that’s really important,” said Warner.

The Binghamton Central graduate is already working on her second memoir. She also has a podcast where she discusses grief, healing, and her experiences dating as a widow in Manhattan.

You can find her book on Amazon or online and instore at Barnes and Noble.

To find out more about Warner and her journey, visit susanswarner.com.