TOWN OF DICKINSON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The B.C. Childcare Center at SUNY Broome celebrated its 30th anniversary on campus.

The center has been providing childcare to the community since 1993.

The B.C. center used to be at the Broome County Alms House, then moved to a nearby church before settling at its permanent home on Broome’s campus.

Earlier this year, the center was forced to close two of its classrooms and lay off teachers do to funding cuts.

The Vice President of Student Development, Carol Ross-Scott says that the center recently received a grant from SUNY administration that was used to reopen the two classrooms and hire four other teachers.

Vice President of Student Development at SUNY Broome, Carol Ross-Scott says, “We have hired a new director. We have rehired all of our teachers, and we’re also looking at external grants or soft money to help us support the center. So, we’re actually in a really good place moving forward, we’re not even thinking about having to close the center again.”

At the anniversary event, the kids were given happy birthday hats and noise makers to celebrate the 30 year milestone.

Ross-Scott says that the student parents at Broome have GPA’s averaging over 3.5 and many of them are working full-time while also going to school full-time and raising kids.