BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – As the dust settles, some professionals are reminding people not to turn on their air conditioning until its been properly cleaned.

Representatives at Auchinachie Services say that the fine particles from the smoke will stay inside your filters for a long time, so before you start cooling your house with air conditioning, they recommend having it thoroughly cleaned.

General Manager of Auchinachie, Chris Holleran says that they offer high grade HEPA filters and purifiers for purchase.

He says that many customers have been calling and asking for full service cleanings such as sanitizing duct work and new filters.

Holleran says, “You’re going to have to do some cleaning of the equipment. Especially some of the the condensers on the outside, the coils on the inside, the duct work. It’s always going to be good to get that dust, that smoke, that has been lingering for the last, what, two, three, four days out of your house.”

Holleran suggests that people wait out the storm before turning on their AC or furnace.

He says they take calls and emails throughout the day and night.

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