(WIVT/WBGH) – Jason Johnson is accused of shooting and wounding New York State Trooper Becky Seager in June 2021, while his father David is accused of cleaning up evidence weeks after the shooting.

Today, the prosecution called multiple forensic experts and a friend of the Johnsons up to the stand.

The first to testify today was investigator Dennis Brown of the State Police’s Forensic Identification Unit.

On June 9th of last year, law enforcement responded to East Windsor Road in Colesville, for a report of shots fired.

Following a massive 19 hour manhunt, Jason Johnson was arrested the following day.

The Johnsons have several structures throughout their property, one-being a hunting cabin surrounded by woods.

Investigator Brown says he was part of the team that was tasked with searching and documenting the cabin on June 10th, the morning after the incident took place.

Brown says that his team discovered the hunting rifle that was allegedly used to shoot Trooper Seager.

At the time, the manhunt for Jason was still underway, and Investigator Brown says that after finding the rifle, the unit stopped searching the cabin as they were mainly concerned with any immediate threats.

Brown continued by saying that after that initial search, FIU did not return to the cabin for a more thorough investigation, although he admitted under cross examination that they had fully searched the rest of the property.

Also testifying was family friend Earl Paugh; Paugh lives right off of Route 79 in Colesville.

He says he saw Jason in the river, the day after the incident, while the manhunt was still taking place.

Paugh told Jason that the police were were looking for him and that he allegedly shot an officer.

To which, he says Jason replied in a surprised tone, “I did?”

Paugh invited Jason into a trailer near the river to change out of his clothes and to calm down.

He provided Jason with dinner, water and a bed.

Paugh then says he contacted someone in the police, and within a short amount of time, he says there were over 200 law enforcement vehicles on site.

The police eventually made their way down to the trailer and apprehended Jason.