BINGHAMTON, NY – A celebration of an ingredient that has been used in dishes for thousands of years will return this weekend in a new venue.

The 18th American Civic Association Garlic Festival takes place Saturday outdoors at Ross Park in Binghamton.

At the park’s pavilions there will be several vendors selling garlic or dishes with garlic in them including Lebanese, Sudanese and Filipino cuisine.

Plus live entertainment, information on the benefits of garlic and even garlic ice cream.

ACA Deputy Director Laila Hernandez says garlic brings cultures together.

Hernandez says, “It is used in so many different dishes of so many different ethnicities. It bridges that gap, it brings similarity rather than a difference for our community members. We focus on that aspect of it which is so important. It’s the essence of the immigration organization that we run.”

The festival runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Admission is $5, $2 for kids 10 and under, plus the cost of any food or drink purchased.

Those attending will receive a discounted admission to the Conservation Lantern Festival that evening at neighboring Ross Park Zoo.

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