(WIVT/WBGH) – For some time now, the Broome County Sheriff’s corrections division has been in need of new hires, and the new administration is hopeful with the rollout of its new strategy.

Sheriff Fred Akshar held a news conference yesterday and announced that the office of the Sheriff is now offering a $5,000 sign-on bonus for all new CO’s hired as lateral transfers.

This opportunity is open to any certified corrections officers currently employed at facilities across New York State.

Akshar says that the corrections division is down nearly forty people, which has led to thousands of hours of overtime, burnout, and the lowest morale in decades.

Chairman of the Broome County Legislature, Dan Reynolds helped approve the incentive, and says that it’s the dedication of the CO’s at the Sheriff’s Office over recent years that has made the new legislation possible.

Chairman of the Broome County Legislature Dan Reynolds says, “When you work an eight- or twelve-hour shift and you’re asked to stay another four hours because you have to, the dedication that it takes to be able to do that day after day after day really says a lot about the type of people that work here and their dedication to this community and keeping our communities safe as well. They’re dedicated public servants.”

Qualified lateral transfers will receive an additional $2,500 in their first paycheck and then twelve hundred fifty after their first and second years of employment.

Akshar announced, separate from the lateral transfer program, that the sheriff’s office has hired 25 candidates provisionally, and are now testing and training for full time employment.

Lateral transfers looking to work at the sheriff’s office is asked to hand in their completed paperwork by March 6th.