The 4th of July is one of the biggest celebrations of the year; however, some remember the sacrifices that it took for us to enjoy the holiday.

Twenty years ago on the 4th of July, Deputy Sheriff Kevin Tarsia was shot and killed during an encounter with suspects from a burglary at a firearms store in Great Bend.

At approximately 4 a.m. Tarsia was patrolling Grange Hall Park, the suspects were parked, and transferring stolen guns from one vehicle to another.

Tarsia approached them, but two of the subjects fired a total of fifteen rounds, and killing him.

This year, Tarsia’s family and the Broome County Sheriff’s Department held a memorial at Grange Hall Park where he was murdered.

Captain Kate Newcomb says, “I think that it’s so important in this day-and-age to honor and respect our law enforcement, the men and women in blue, who go out and protect and serve their community every single day.”

Members of the Tarsia family held a cookout at the park, and Kevin’s niece spoke, and recounted several memories of her uncle.

A bagpiper played a rendition of Amazing Grace once the colors were presented. One of Deputy Sheriff Tarsia’s cars was on display as well.

Sheriff Dave Harder led today’s ceremony; he says that the men who did this are cowards.