CORTLANDVILLE, NY- In early January, the Cortland County Sherriff’s Department was looking into a deer jacking incident in Cortlandville.

Two hunters are now facing numerous charges for illegally taking a deer while driving around in a taxicab.

The men were pulled over by the sheriff’s department while attempting to recover a deer shot almost 24 hours prior.

The two men were each issued tickets for 9 charges, including 8 misdemeanors after several interviews and multiple written statements.

The taxicab was used in both the shooting and the attempted recovery of the deer.

Charges include: criminal possession of a weapon, possession of a gun and a light in a motor vehicle, taking deer with the aid of artificial light, shooting from a public highway, shooting within 500 feet of an occupied dwelling, possession of a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, taking big game during closed season, taking illegal deer, and taking wildlife from a motor vehicle.

This case is being handled in the Town of Cortlandville Court.