BINGHAMTON, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) A local volunteer-run organization is using Spiedie Fest to once again remind people of the beauty of the Ukrainian culture and the horrors of the war going on there.

As it did last year, Together for Ukraine will have a tent at the festival on a mission of cultural diplomacy. The goal is to educate people on the impact of the Russian invasion as well as showcase and celebrate Ukrainian culture. The foundation delivers medical supplies, reconstruction supplies, and other support for the people of Ukraine.

At its tent, the foundation is selling Ukrainian merchandise, playing traditional Ukrainian music, hosting workshops for embroidery and Easter egg painting, and selling meal kits with a traditional Ukrainian wheat berry pudding called Kutya. Executive Director Christina Zawerucha says it’s not only important to preserve the culture and traditions of Ukraine.

“Ukraine has a beautiful and vibrant and diverse culture, with a lot to offer to the world. So we’re raising this opportunity to demonstrate the vibrant culture of Ukraine, to keep Ukraine in the heart and minds of Broome County,” said Zawerucha

Zawerucha says the foundation works directly with refugees, and that recently they sponsored 15 refugee children to attend Path for Life Summer Camp.

This year at the Spiedie Fest some refugees will volunteer at the tent and teach the workshops.
Together for Ukraine will be taking donations that will go towards refugee support and partnerships to repair Ukrainian ecosystems and agriculture.