TIOGA COUNTY – The Tioga County Health Department is reminding residents to keep up on their health care.

The Health Department says that while some have chosen to delay care due to the pandemic, it is important to stay up to date with immunizations as we navigate to a new normal.

They encourage everyone to have a Primary Care Provider, who can help with important health questions and vaccinations.

They say PCPs can help with the following issues:
 Teaching you how to make better decisions about your health to prevent disease (e.g., quitting smoking, eating more nutritious food, or managing stress)
 Suggesting screening tests to detect problems before you notice them (e.g., mammogram for breast cancer, or a colonoscopy for colon cancer)
 Treat health problems that pop up like a rash or infection
 Help you manage long-term health problems (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure, or depression)
 Find a medical specialist if you need one (e.g., knee surgeon or a heart doctor)