TIOGA COUNTY – The Tioga County Boys and Girls Club is partnering with a local school district to offer a free after school program.

Partnering with Owego Apalachin Central School District, students in grades 3 through 6 can go to the Boys and Girls club for fun and enriching activities once their school day is over.

The Boys and Girls club has game rooms, arts and crafts, playgrounds and more.

Executive Director, Jill Teeter, says she wants to be able to provide programs that schools may not be able to offer, like home economics and different athletic programs.

“We’re really working hard to become more appealing to all the youth. More importantly to provide a safe place for them to come, and play, and be kids and hopefully in the process they can build some nice relationships with trained professional adults,” says Teeter.

Students can also get additional help with school work as well.

The after school program is from 3 to 5.

Parents can go online to register for their child to be apart of the program, go to TiogaBGCA.org.