BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Enough Is Enough, a child internet safety organization, is asking parents to think twice about how they share their children’s back to school photos.

The organization says to make sure you avoid posting a photo that has your child’s age/birthdate, school name, teacher name, or sports/logos that identify location.

These small details can be used by a sexual predator or trafficker to track and harm a vulnerable child or teen, says Enough Is Enough.

Officer Ashley, of the St. Louis Police Department, provided the following example of safe sharing techniques on the St. Louis Police Department Facebook page:

Courtesy of Enough Is Enough

Further, Enough Is Enough urges parents to be proactive and take steps in advance to prevent your child from being exposed to online dangers while using their digital devices.

It says that parents should use parental controls on all internet-enabled devices including smartphones, computers, tablets, and gaming systems.

The organization’s mission is to make the internet safer for children and families and prevent the online sexual exploitation of minors.