BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – The Binghamton Theater Organ Society is starting its season this weekend with a double bill of 2 silver screen classics.

Silent Film Organist Dennis James will play the Forum Theater’s Robert Morton organ as accompaniment to 2 Charlie Chaplin classics, A Dog’s Life from 1918 and The Pilgrim from 1923.

James says they’re regarded as 2 of Chaplin’s best works and marked a time when he was expanding the length and breadth of comedy films.

“It was very successful. What he was able to do was add what he called pathos and he was able to add drama and add more feeling to the movie than would be encompassed in these knockabout 20 minute movies that were the standard of the industry at that time.”

James says Chaplin found his co-star in A Dog’s Life by auditioning 21 dogs from the Los Angeles pound.\

Chaplin reportedly called the dog, named Mutt, the most talented co-star he ever had.
The films are 38 and 42 minutes long with an intermission.

Showtime is Sunday at 2.

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