TOWN OF DICKINSON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A project that replaced the Upper Front Street bridge over Interstate 81 and introduced two new roundabouts to our community has been declared finished.

The New York State Department of Transportation has announced that major construction has been completed on the $16 million project.

The work involved replacing the old 1966 bridge over 81 with a wider span that is expected to last 75 years.

It includes a 14-foot wide pedestrian and bicycle path that is protected by a barricade.

And on either end of the bridge are two new traffic circles, one for highway on and off ramps on the south end and the other at the intersection with Old Front Street and 81 on the north end.

NewsChannel 34 has heard from viewers concerned that the new roundabouts, especially the one at Old Front, are confusing to drivers and that there have been incidents of vehicles going the wrong way on them.

The DOT says the roundabout is designed to maximize safety and reduce congestion.

Town of Dickinson Supervisor Mike Marinaccio tells NewsChannel 34 that he has received very few complaints about the circle and that he feels it improves traffic flow.

Marinaccio says street lights are still being installed at the roundabout which should improve drivers’ ability to navigate it after dark.