The Ross Park Zoo is fundraising to make sure animals continue to receive high quality care


BINGHAMTON, NY – The Ross Park Zoo is getting creative with fundraising efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The zoo, which relies heavily on visitors and events this time of year, is offering a couple of fundraisers such as custom t-shirts and animal art, as well as continuing to sell memberships and gift certificates.

The money raised helps feed the 175 animals as well as paying vet bills, maintaining habitats and providing enrichment toys.

One especially unique fundraiser is the weekly animal art auction on social media.

“So animal art is an enrichment activity that we do with our animals. We put a canvas out on the ground and then we put paint around it, and then the zoo keepers use food to entice the animals to walk through the paint and onto the canvas,” says Member and Visitor Services Manager Rachel Peppard.

The art auctions take place Tuesdays on the zoo’s social media.

If you’d like the help through purchasing a membership, the zoo will make sure you get one full year from when they open.

You can also donate to their Emergen Z fund, which can be found at

And you can view Peppard’s full interview here.

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