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WASHINGTON D.C – There’s growing fallout over the whistleblower complaint that has led to a formal impeachment investigation of President Trump.

As ABC’s Rachel Scott shows us, the acting Director of National Intelligence testified before the House Intelligence Committee.

The nation’s top intelligence official – facing tough questions from lawmakers – on that whisteblower complaint that has triggered the push for the impeachment inquiry.

In the hot seat – Joseph Maguire — the acting director of national intelligence responding to questions – as to why the administration stopped that complaint from being passed on to congressional intelligence committees as required by law? after the inspector general found it credible and of urgent concern.

His testimony – comes as a declassified version of that whistleblower complaint was released to the american public?.marking a critical turning point in this historic clash between the white house and congress.

In that complaint – the whistleblower says white house officials were “deeply disturbed” by what transpired on a phone call – between president trump and the president of Ukraine back in July saying they had witnessed the president abuse his office for personal gain.

The white house summary of the call released yesterday confirms the president repeatedly asked the Ukrainian leader to investigate his political rival: Joe Biden and his son – who had business dealings in the country.

Adding that he “will tell his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and attorney general Barr to call.”

The president insists the call was “pitch perfect”

Trump: it’s a joke. Impeachment for that?

But the unnamed whistleblower reported hearing that White House officials were directed to remove the electronic transcript of that call from the computer systems where they are normally stored.

Democrats expressing outrage.. as some Republicans come to the president’s defense.

That whistleblower complaint will likely provide a road map for Democrats and their impeachment inquiry.

It also cites – witnesses, and a time table of what led up to that call.

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