The latest on coronavirus in New York


BINGHAMTON, NY – Governor Cuomo is trying to calm fears about COVID 19.

He says that while the number of cases are expected to rise before going down, some perspective is needed.

As NewsChannel 34’s Anya Tucker shows us, the number of positive Coronavirus cases in New York State is now 142, which is the highest state in the nation.

“This fear, this hysteria is unwarranted.”

During a Monday press conference Governor Andrew Cuomo asked that people place some perspective on the numbers when it comes to Coronavirus.

“Most people have it and then get on with their lives.”

He called New Rochelle in Westerchester County a hot spot.

Saying schools there could be closed for weeks.

He then lay out his plan for all New York schools.

“We are going to set a policy of a student tests positive in a school that school is closed for an initial 24 hour period. So that we do an assessment of the situation and the facts. “

Children have been relatively spared from the virus.

But as carriers of it, Cuomo warned that they can put the more vulnerable at risk.

“The child goes home, kisses his grandmother. The grandmother had an underlying illness, now we have a problem.”

Cuomo also talked about introducing a bill for paid sick leave.

“If government is ordering a quarantine, even a voluntary quarantine that places a personal hardship on a person. That person should get paid.”

One topic high on Cuomo’s list- price gouging- and using fear to cause sellouts on items like medical masks and especially hand sanitizer.

“Open the curtain please.”

Today he unveiled a state made solution.

“We are introducing NYS Clean Hand Sanitizer.”

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