The Broome County United Way received a generous donation courtesy of a local business and its employees.

The Johnson City Wegmans presented the United Way with a check for nearly $77,000.    

The funds were raised with corporate, employee and customer donations and will go toward the Community Campaign Fund.

76% of Wegmans employees participated in the program.

Broome County United Way Executive Director Jacqueline Gerchman says Wegmans has made well over a million dollars in lifetime donations to the local chapter. “It’s heartwarming and it’s very humbling to see an organization like Wegman’s who’s so active in the community and is constantly giving. They’re constantly supporting a variety of initiatives and spreading their wealth and benefit throughout the community. We’re very honored.”

The United Way presented Wegmans with the Watson Award.

To be eligible for the award, qualifying organizations pledge $10,000 or more in combined employee and corporate donations.

All of the money received by the United Way goes into community programs.

Last year, the Broome County United Way supported 57 local programs and projects.