The battle for Binghamton baseball continues with Brindisi and Mayor David


WASHINGTON, DC – It’s just two weeks until Major League Baseball spring training gets underway in Florida and Arizona.

A proposed reduction in the number of minor league teams has still not been resolved.

NewsChannel 34’s Morgan Wright reports on the latest efforts by members of Congress to support Minor league baseball and the value it brings to communities across America.

With Spring Training for Major League Baseball only a few weeks away… there’s growing concern on Capitol Hill that a plan to reduce the number of minor league teams… will hurt America’s favorite pastime.

{Congressman Anthony Brindisi, D/NY} I think one thing that democrats and republicans can agree on here is we have to save minor league baseball.

New York Congressman Anthony Brindisi says there’s now a bipartisan resolution in support of Minor League Baseball and its contributions to small cities and towns across the country…

{Congressman Anthony Brindisi, D/NY} Minor League baseball is very important to many small cities across the country. We want to see major league come back a relook at this plan

Binghamton, New York, Mayor, Richard David’s city could lose its team – the Rumble Ponies.

{*** Mayor Richard David, Binghamton, NY ***} for major league baseball to float this proposal – say we’re going to give you one year and we’re going to eliminate an entire tier of teams – with single A teams is outrageous and completely unacceptable.

But MLB says Minor League baseball must be willing to play ball… and says nothing can be done until minor league teams resume negotiation.

in a statement – MLB told us:

“The most constructive role Congress can play to achieve these goals is to encourage Minor League Baseball to return to the bargaining table so we can work together to address the real issues impacting minor league players and communities …”

{Congressman Anthony Brindisi, D/NY} members on both sides of the isle are not going to be quiet about this, we’re going to swing for the fences

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