Testing needs to ramp up before New York State can get back to normal, Cuomo says


ALBANY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — On Friday, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his daily coronavirus briefing from the Red Room in Albany. He touched a lot on how testing needs to be ramped up and brought to scale, because that is one of the ways we’ll be able to get society back to work.

“What we do will affect, literally, life and death for hundreds of people,” Cuomo said.

Right now, New York State’s lab can do 300 tests a week, with plans for 1,000 tests by next Friday. However, that isn’t enough to get nearly 19 million people tested and back to work. Cuomo believes the federal government needs to get involved to help ramp up testing, and, if need be, envoke the Defense Production Act.

“If I had a Defense Production Act in the state, I’d use it. I don’t have that tool. The federal government does,” Cuomo said.

On Friday, the only number that Cuomo released was the number of deaths in the state. On Thursday, there were 777 deaths due to coronavirus, which brings the state total to 7,844.

Friday, the governor also showed a chart of how many positive cases of COVID-19 had across the world, and then United States lead by leaps and bounds:

  • U.S. has 474,194 positive coronavirus cases
  • Italy has 143,626 positive coronavirus cases
  • China has 84,138 positive coronavirus cases
  • South Korea has 10,450 positive coronavirus cases

To watch Friday’s briefing, click the player below:

The slideshow that was shown during the briefing is below:

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