BINGHAMTON, NY – Congresswoman Claudia Tenney says New York State is out of step when it comes to its pandemic response.

Tenney says her phone is ringing off the hook with concerned parents opposing the mask mandate for students.

She says Governor Hochul is making a mistake by pursuing the mandate at a time when COVID numbers are declining.

Tenney says the masks interfere with children’s speech development and other states, like Florida, have proven that the virus can be kept at bay without forcing people to mask up.

“The science shows that children are really not at the gravest risk, even if they do get the omicron variant. Many of them show no symptoms, they’re the least at risk. So, at this point, I think people really have had enough, and would like to get children back in school,” says Tenney.

Tenney also blasts the state health department’s announcement that it would prioritize people of color when it comes to medical treatment for COVID.

Earlier this week, a state judge on Long Island struck down the mask mandate, calling it unconstitutional because Hochul lacks the emergency powers to enact it without the consent of the legislature.

Yesterday, an appeals court issued a stay on that ruling putting back into effect the mandate, which is scheduled to expire next Tuesday anyway.