BINGHAMTON, NY – A local company that showcases artifacts is hosting their annual open house this week.

TechWorks! is hosting an event called, Artifacts in Action.

Anyone attending can sing along with a player piano, try a braille embosser, and pick lottery numbers on a vintage Atari computer and event create a take-home banner on an IBM System 360 printer.

The event is taking place mostly outside on the deck, to make it safer for everyone.

Lead Volunteer, Susan Sherwood shares what she thinks the one thing that people love the most when attending its open house events.

“And then to type, we are always flabbergasted at how much people enjoy typing. We have a whole table full of type writers that they can use so, we’re happy to have them here,” she says.

And for all you Rod Serling fans, you can type on a typewriter that is an exact model of one he used.

In addition to that, there are hand held fans for sale that spell out words whenever you turn it on.

TechWorks! is located at 321 Water Street in Binghamton.

This event is taking place tomorrow and Thursday from 11 AM to 2 PM.

Sherwood asks that everyone were a mask.