BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – With the agriculture industry facing more scrutiny of its use of migrant workers, a New York tech company has created software so farmers and their employees have a one-stop-shop for data.

This month’s Koffman Innovations segment features AGRI-TRAK, a software company to track labor, and make sure farms are compliant with Department of Labor H-2-A regulations.

H-2-A regulations require employers to provide migrant workers with fair conditions such as housing, transportation to and from work, and overtime. AGRI-TRAK’s software consolidates data into one place, including contracts, payroll, production reports, and gives access to real-time information while out in the field.

“Agriculture as an industry is one of the slower to adopt technology,” Co Founder of AGRI-TRAK, Jason Hill said. “So, when we speak with farmers, they tell us over and over, it needs to be really easy to use with a low adoption curve so that it’s easy to implement into the farm.”

Currently, AGRI-TRAK has 22 farms subscribed to its services and is seeking investors to continue growing.

In September, AGRI-TRAK was a finalist in the prestigious Tech Crunch competition in San Francisco.

Hill says that tech companies are flocking to the ag industry since for the longest time, it’s operated through pen and paper.

“Utilizing eventually machine learning and AI to aggregate all the data that we’re collecting on a farm, and put it together for, not only predictive analytics but then, prescriptive direction for farms so that they can really grow and farm efficiently,” Hill said.

AGRI-TRAK trains the farms on how to use the software, which can be used via the website or mobile app.