Tebow takes the CoreLife Challenge


Former Binghamton Rumble Pony Tim Tebow is joining forces with an active lifestyle restaurant to help people achieve their new year health goals.

Tebow has announced that he will participate in CoreLife Eatery’s annual CoreLife Challenge.

The 21 day event begins on January 16th and offers participants daily suggestions on eating, exercise, fasting and sleep.

CoreLife co-founder Todd Mansfield, whose background is in physical therapy and health, developed the challenge in conjunction with local doctor Matt Bennett.

Tebow was a big fan of the CoreLife location in Vestal during his time with the Ponies last year.

Mansfield says after leaving Binghamton, Tebow wanted to remain involved with the company. “Honest, has integrity, says what he means and means what he says.  Doesn’t back things that he doesn’t believe in because of a dollar.  Is a hard worker, committed to a cause and purpose greater than himself.  Whether it be caring for the less fortunate, disabled kids, or whether it be giving to the high schools or our local kids, in mind my mind he was a wonderful asset while he was here.”

Mansfield says Tebow is also planning to partner with the Binghamton-based ownership group to open CoreLife locations in the Jacksonville area.

To participate in the 21 day challenge, sign up at CoreLifeEatery.com and submit your email address.

You’ll get daily suggestions on diet and exercise plus participants can enjoy some special offers at CoreLife.

There’s no fee to join, although Mansfield says there will be an opportunity to purchase $250 worth of CoreLife meals for only $100.


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