Tax Day protest in Binghamton


Today marks the federal due date for taxes to be filed and protestors were using the occasion to show their displeasure for President Trump’s corporate tax cuts. 

Members of Citizen Action were outside the Federal Building in Binghamton having their voices heard.

Mary Clark of Citizen Action says that 60 Fortune 500 Companies including Amazon, IBM, General Motors and Netflix that were all very profitable in 2018, paid nothing in Federal Income Taxes.

She says that many of them received large tax rebates.

Clark says Trump promised the new tax cuts would be good for everyone, but the only ones benefiting are the corporations. “We’re being asked to pay for these tax giveaways to major corporations by cutting vital programs like health care, education, Medicare, Medicaid and social security. We find that outrageous and we really want to see the closing of these corporate tax loopholes so that they pay their share.”

This year’s returns are the first to be filed under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which became law around 16 months ago.


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