Susquehanna Depot park renamed for remarkable man


SUSQUEHANNA, PA – The site of a former rail yard in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania has been transformed into a large public park, highlighting the area’s natural beauty.

As NewsChannel 34’s Cody Butler shows us, the Susquehanna Depot park has been renamed for a remarkable man who loved the outdoors.

Dozens of people cut the ribbon on the “Ira Reynolds Riverfront Park”. It gets its name from Ira Reynolds. He died at the age of 108, the longest living Boy Scout in history.

“An amazing man that gave back to his community but really believed in the youth and the outdoors,” Susquehanna County Commissioner Judy Herschel said.

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“It’s something I can come back to you in 20 years and say ‘hey I did this’,” said Gannon Furness, a member of Boy Scout Troop 81.

Reynolds inspired people like Furness, who designed and brought this memorial back to life by installing pavers and planting shrubs.

“You really couldn’t see it. Nobody knew it was there and so I had the idea we could bring that out and make that a focal point and I came up with the idea of a big stone walkway around it,” explained Furness.

The park sits on 14 acres, more than a mile of walking path pavilion, beach volleyball and more. Prior to the mid-’70s, the Erie rail yard was on-site and in production. Thereafter vegetation grew in its place until 2017.

The borough is already looking to the future. The park has room to expand. On the west side, there are about 1.5 acres for expansion.

After the ribbon-cutting people were already enjoying the park. They could be seen walking their dogs and taking a stroll around the walking path.

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