Support Black Business 607 facebook page founder gets surprise party on anniversary


BINGHAMTON, NY – A surprise party was held last weekend for the founder of a web page credited with dramatically improving the health of many local African-American enterprises.

The owners of some those companies threw a one year anniversary party for Sulaiminah Burns, creator of the Support Black Business 607 Facebook page.

The page launched on June 6th of last year as a place where Black businesses can advertise their products and services and where would-be customers can make inquiries.

Kizzy-Ann Short and Maria Hall both saw their businesses explode after receiving attention on the page.

“Nobody really knew who I was until the group. With that, it brought a lot of exposure to the page. Even last year, the opera, they hired me to do their hot chocolate bombs,” Short said.

“I had to change the way I do everything because of the overwhelming response from the people in the community to get desserts and food and empanadas, it jumped. I went from like 400 followers to over 1,200 followers,” says Hall.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the event is that Sula Burns agreed to give us an interview.

She’s typically camera shy.

Burns says she’s interested in the intersection between racial justice and economics.

She wants people to not only support Black lives but Black livelihoods.

“Because there’s a call to action: ‘Support Black Business 607,’ it encourages everyone, no matter what community they’re from, to participate. Also, posting wins, it makes people competitive. ‘Okay, they posted a win, I want to post a win.’ It’s fun. It’s like, let me see how many of these businesses that I can patronize,” she says.

Several of the businesses donated to the party to show their gratitude to Burns.

Event planner Dah Ra Mie decorated the Bundy Museum Annex and 6 caterers provided food: Boricua Soul Catering and Sweets, Sinful Indulgence, Gabb’s Gifted, Rosse’s Sapid Cuisine, Sweetays and Sweets for Sweety.

Plus, it’s worth noting that the Facebook page inspired NewsChannel 34’s own weekly Black Owned 607 series.

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