TOWN OF DICKINSON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Students from across the Southern Tier gathered at SUNY Broome and went head to head to see who has the best robot.

Today in the Applied Technology Building on campus, was the Broome STEM-Hub Robotics Competition.

Students created their own robots and competed in 6 events focused on a different mechanical functions.

Some are head to head competitions such sumo wrestling, where two robots push each other around a platform until there is only one standing.

A student in the New Visions Engineering Academy, Allie Miller says that even with a month or so of preparation, you are constantly modifying your robot up until its your turn to compete.

“Everybody is running around and everyone’s figuring what what we’re doing while we’re going. Some of my classmates had to change their entire robot this morning because they didn’t fit the size requirements. So, we’re kind of just doing whatever we can. It’s a lot like, you build your robot for like a whole month, but once you get here, it’s totally different.”

Some of the competitions are designed for remote controlled robots, whereas others are autonomous, where the robot moves and makes decisions on its own.

Miller says that students create their robots with a specific competition in mind.

She says she wasn’t sure if she could pull out first place in the fork lift competition, but she was confident that she could get second or third.