BINGHAMTON, NY – Students enrolled at SUNY Broome got to experience what it was like to be a chef.

Last week was the 2nd annual SUNY Broome Village Chopped Event, where non-culinary students got put into groups and put to the test.

The event took place at the SUNY Broome Culinary and Event Center located in downtown Binghamton.

5 teams went head-to-head creating 3 meals: an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert.

President of SUNY Broome, Kevin Drumm says it’s always sad when you have to chop someone, but it’s a part of the game.

“It’s great to see the creativity, it’s part of what we look for in all of our students and try to bring out no matter what your major is and here’s an opportunity to do it in the kitchen. They did a great job, some of the dishes they came up with I’m sure it’s the first time they’ve ever been served and they were delicious,” says Drumm.

The theme was College Cuisine.

Each round, teams were given a random box of food items and had to come up with someone in a short amount of time.

Judges were County Executive Jason Garnar, Drumm, and SUNY Broome Hospitality Professor Maria Montemango.