Student sues Vestal School District after alleged racial incident


A Vestal student and his family are suing the Vestal School District following an alleged racial incident last month.

Senior Vincent Spero and his family filed a lawsuit against the Vestal School District in New York State Supreme Court on Wednesday.

According to the complaint, Spero confronted a teacher after she used the “n-word” when disciplining another student.

Spero says on November 22nd, an African-American student was kicked out of a math class when he was believed to be vaping tobacco.

The accused teacher, Katherine Dyer, who is listed as a defendant in the case, allegedly told the student “I’m tired of dealing with you f*****g n*****s.”

Spero, who overhead the remark, confronted Dyer and allegedly called her “a f******g racist.”

Spero also claims that students of color were separated from white students in class

He reported the incident to Assistant Principals, Clifford Kassan and Deborah Caddick, who are also listed as defendants.

Spero says nothing was done and he was deemed a threat by the district after complaining about the district on social media.

A closed-door hearing was held on Wednesday.

Spero’s Attorney, Ron Benjamin, says the district claimed the remark was never said.

“That’s a lie. If it was investigated, they would’ve learned that other students overheard the remark. If they want to say that is was unfounded, then it must be under a theory that students never tell the truth and teachers always do. That’s ridiculous. That’s not how it works in this country,” said Benjamin.

Benjamin is suing on the grounds of racial discrimination along with a violation of first amendment rights, for using Spero’s social media posts against him to suspend him on December 2nd.

He has not been allowed to return.

Spero says he’s standing up for other students who have been victims at Vestal.

“It’s completely insane that the school can blindly surpass everything I said. My Assistant Principal told me that she was going to dismiss everything I had to say. Look at me now. Now, that I have everyone’s attention, I won’t let go of what Vestal did to me and what they do to their students of color. It’s not fair,” he said.

Other defendants listed in the case include Superintendent Jeffrey Ahearn and Interim Principal Albert Penna.

Benjamin says he is seeking reasonable monetary compensation, a full reinstatement for Spero and flexibility for catching up on past school work.

He hopes to get the case in front of a judge next week.

You can read the full statement from Vestal School District regarding the matter at this link.

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