JOHNSON CITY, NY – Local school districts are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of its students.

A few years ago, New York State passed a law allowing municipalities to work with their local school districts to put cameras on buses in order to record drivers illegally passing them.

Broome County is one of the 1st in the state to implement the program.

Over 100 buses now have motion censored cameras on them.

For the past month, there’s been a warning period where anyone that illegally passed a school bus was sent a warning.

120 people illegally passed stopped buses in that 3 week period.

Superintendent of Johnson City, Mary Kay Roland says that proves the cameras are needed.

“Our number one priority is student safety and we need parents to feel confident that we can pick up their children, bring them to school safely and deliver them home safely,” she said.

The camera on the buses will take a video and, after it gets reviewed, violators will be sent a ticket, pictures of them passing the bus, and a link to the video.

Starting today, the cameras are live and anyone that passes a bus will be sent the maximum fine which is $250.

Fines go up for repeat offenders.