BINGHAMTON, NY – Southern Tier Independent Restaurants or STIR announces Celebrate Spring, a Culinary Arts Festival this Sunday.

The event will feature samples from leading local restaurants, SUNY Broome Hospitality students, and Broome/Tioga Culinary Arts Students.

STIR is a not for profit organization comprised of locally owned restaurants.

Its mission is to promote local establishments while continuing to build a vibrant restaurant scene, and encourage young people to enter the profession.

There will be three demonstrations focused on culinary, agricultural, and sanitation education; The times are 4:30, 5:15, and 6.

“Education on topics such as sanitation and safety, Serve Safe Tip, as well as the agricultural educational aspects of the culinary arts world. So, we’re excited to promote all of that, provide those classes because people don’t realize how important it is and how much more there is out there for everybody to learn,” she said.

Tickets for the festival are 30 dollars per person or 50 dollars per couple.

You can find them at