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Report: Gov. Cuomo 'furiously' working to get Amazon back

ALBANY, NY (WROC) - After a major deal with the company to bring a second headquarters to New York City, that would have created thousands of jobs in New York, fell through, Governor Cuomo is reportedly working "furiously" to convince Amazon leaders to reconsider.

Amazon initially chose New York City as one of three sites for a split of its second headquarters. But, after facing opposition from state senators and New York City leaders, Amazon backed out of the deal.

Now, the New York Times reports Cuomo has had multiple phone calls with Amazon leaders including founder Jeff Bezos, promising to get the company through the approval process for the location.

The report adds that Cuomo is not suggesting the company move the proposal from Queens, where the it is facing major opposition, to another location where approval may be easier. At the same time, the Times reports that Amazon has given "no sense that it would reconsider."

Critics felt that New York was giving up too much, more than a billion dollars in tax breaks over ten years, to lure the company to the state. Cuomo, however, argued that New York was giving Amazon "nothing" and instead the company would only be getting a break on a percentage of the millions of dollars it would pay each year to the state and city.

Cuomo also added that the breaks would be contingent on the company following through with its promise to create thousands of high-paying jobs.

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