State and Assembly put out one-house budget proposals


ALBANY, NY – Despite recent allegations against Governor Cuomo, the state budget is still due by April 1st.

And, lawmakers are at work. 

The Senate and Assembly have put out their one-house budget proposals. 

NewsChannel 34’s Corina Cappabianca breaks down what’s in them.

((Patrick Orecki, CBCNY Senior Research Associate)) What we’re seeing from the legislative one-house proposals is that the Senate and the Assembly are much closer to one another than they are to what the Governor proposed for the budget in January.

Patrick Orecki with the Citizens Budget Commission says clear similarities are shown in the revenue raiser plans. 

((Patrick Orecki, CBCNY Senior Research Associate)) Both the Senate and the Assembly proposed a personal income tax increase, especially on high income earners, they included some increases in estate taxes, in corporate taxes, and a surcharge on capital gains income. 

During a public appearance today, the Governor spoke to some of those proposed increases. 

((Andrew Cuomo, Governor)) How you raise revenue can actually raise revenue or can cost you revenue. If you’re not careful the way you do it, you may actually lose money for the state because businesses and residences will make changes. 

Another difference between the Governor and legislature proposals has to do with the legalization of mobile sports betting. 

While the Governor proposed having the program operated like the state lottery, the legislature’s plan is more beneficial to casinos.  

Republican Senator Mike Martucci says he’s fully supportive of the Senate’s version. 

((Mike Martucci, NYS Senator)) The Governor’s plan really asks us to give the Governor full control over running that program, and we’ve seen as of late what the Governor does with his power and the danger of giving the Governor full control. 

An issue notably absent from the legislature’s budget proposals is recreational marijuana legalization, which is being worked on outside of the budget as separate legislation. 

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