St. Patrick’s Church packed full as the community said goodbye to Giordi DeAngelo


BINGHAMTON N.Y – It was an overflow crowd at Saint Patrick’s Church in Binghamton Friday morning as the community said goodbye to Giordi DeAngelo.

The 27 year-old died unexpectedly on Sunday at his home in Port Dickinson when an unknown blood clot traveled to his heart.

DeAngelo was very active in the local comedy scene, organizing comedy crawls and as one of the founders of the new Boho Comedy Club in the basement of the DoubleTree Hotel.

This past weekend, he played drums in a production of “End of the Rainbow” at the Cider Mill Stage which starred his parents Shannon and Jan DeAngelo, both accomplished performers.

His brother Santino says Giordi profoundly believed in love and believed in his community.

“Sometimes his rush to get things done could be frustrating but looking back now you can see that maybe he knew something about his own life that we didn’t. Because he did not wait and he did not waste,” says Santino.

But his greatest passion in life was his young family, wife Stephanie and their 8 month-old daughter Sophia whom he affectionately called Bobia.

Santino says Giordi’s great joy in life was being a father and he’s grateful that his brother had the opportunity to do so, however brief.

“I just know that he would be so happy with this outpouring of support because he just gave love and there is so much love coming back to him right now. We cannot thank enough everybody in the community for how incredible they have been during this horrible time,” Santino said.

Today’s service included Sophia’s baptism.

A Go Fund Me page to raise funds for Steph and Sophia has already raised over $47,000.

Click here to donate.

Santino says the Boho Comedy Club is going forward with its opening and Giordi’s latest project, a Pumpkin Festifall will take place at Port Dick Park on Saturday September 21st.

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