JOHNSON CITY, NY – A local Catholic school was able to send its 6th grade graduates off in style Wednesday.

6th graders at St. James School in Johnson City were given a graduation ceremony that was at one time in doubt.

With churches reopening recently, St. James was able to hold its celebration indoors instead of outside in the heat.

Students were given graduation certificates, special awards, and even heartwarming messages from teachers.

School Principal Suzy Kitchen says the kids will have a lot to remember about St. James.

“Our students were pretty tech-savvy already, and they were using a lot of Google Classrooms in their Google Chromebooks, but this really pushed them above the level, and we couldn’t have been prouder,” says Kitchen.

Students also produced videos talking about their favorite memories from their time at St. James.

One student talked about dressing up as a ghost for a costume party, which scared her friends and made her laugh.

The school graduated eight 6th graders yesterday, all of whom will be attending Seton Catholic Central next year.