BINGHAMTON, NY – Like other major festivals and events in our area, Spiedie Fest isn’t likely to take place this summer, however organizers aren’t ready to pull the plug on staging it later this year.

Organizers are contemplating a scaled down version of the festival, perhaps as late as October, assuming the pandemic continues to ease in New York State.

The festival would still need to obtain a mass gathering permit from the State of New York.

The plan would be to still include hot air balloons, live music and, of course, plenty of spiedies.

Another challenge is money.

The popular festival normally costs 600 thousand dollars to put on each year, but that will be difficult with some sponsors having to pull out.

Coordinator David Pessagno says the challenges may force the event down to two days if it happens at all.

“We know we are going to lose people that may not want to come to the park, that don’t feel safe coming to the park. I would highly encourage people that don’t feel safe, don’t come. We are not trying to push people to come. If we’re able to do this, we’re trying to be something for the community that the community can get out, enjoy, and be safe. Safety has been number one at Spiedie Fest since day one, and it would continue through this year as well,” says Pessagno.

Pessagno says the window to start the event could be as early as mid August, but he is also looking as late as early October to hold it.

With outdoor seating at local restaurants getting the green light, he says can see a time in the near future where events like this will be given the go-ahead too.