ENDWELL, NY – A local elementary school got the chance to talk 1 on 1 with a United States Space Force Guardian.

Taylor Norton’s 5th grade class at Homer Brink was one of the classrooms selected to meet with 2nd Lieutenant Coen Williams via Zoom.

Lieutenant Williams spent an hour talking to the class about what the Space Force is.

Williams discussed how important engineering and coding is for his job, Norton’s class is currently learning about coding.

Williams explained why he wanted to become a member of the Space Force.

“I became an engineer through my academic degree and then I realized when the Space Force came out, I was like this is a cool opportunity to make a difference. It’s a new organization that I can be on the ground level of and start to evolve and change stuff,” says Williams.

Norton says these sort of interactions help to make STEM more real for his students and opens them up to potential career paths.

Williams mentioned that when he was younger, he loved playing with legos and building things, which is when he knew he wanted to be some sort of engineer.

5th grader Tommy Curtis said hearing that made him happy knowing he could relate to someone with such a cool job.