The Southern Tier Homeless Coalition is working to gage how many people are without homes in our community.

The organization is conducting its annual Point-in-Time Count of the homeless people throughout the six counties in the Southern Tier. 

25 members and volunteers are canvassing at least 40 locations in places such as Binghamton, Owego, Oneonta and Cortland.

They search areas where homeless people are known to stay and locations such as Saint Patrick’s Church in Binghamton that provide services.

Coalition CoC Coordinator Rebecca Rathmell says this count is essential in supporting the homeless population. “The snapshot of the scope of homelessness that the count provides allows us to plan strategically regarding services that exist or are needed in this area.”

The U.S Department of Housing and and Urban Development, or HUD allocates funds based on the single night snap shot that is gathered from the Point-in-Time Count.

Last year, there were 244 people identified as homeless including 32 children.

Most of the people identified were in emergency shelters but about two dozen of them were sleeping on the streets.