BINGHAMTON, NY – Another mode of transportation responsible for moving large amounts of freight across the continent is actively hiring new workers.

Norfolk Southern Railroad is offering a $5,000 starting bonus as it looks to add 15 to 20 new conductors in the Southern Tier.

Greater Binghamton is a major hub for rail traffic.

Conductors working at the terminals in Conklin and downtown Binghamton are responsible for transferring rail cars from one locomotive to another.

They call coupling cars together “making a hitch” and they separate the cars through a process called flat switching or “kicking cars.”

Terminal Superintendent Ryan Martin worked his way up from conductor.

Martin says there’s plenty of job security in working on railroad.

“I see nothing but a lot of good business ahead. We have a lot of freight here around the area today and really have had it for the last 2 years. Where some industries and businesses saw a lull due to the pandemic and other reasons, we never slowed down a bit,” says Martin

Martin says some conductors ride with the engineer on the train, others stay at the yard while others make short trips to deliver goods to local customers.

Once training is completed, the minimum starting pay is $52,000 a year with access to the Railroad Retirement System.

Martin says applicants need to be 18, be able to pass a background check, be willing to work hard and follow all safety protocols.

Conductors can then enter training to become an engineer, who drives the train, and earn closer to 100 grand a year.

To apply, go to